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Apology and a pic September 13, 2007

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life’s kinda gotten in the way. So here’s a pic of my gorgeous girl on her first day of preschool a couple weeks back to tide you over until I have some time (which I hope is this weekend).



It’s so quiet… August 16, 2007

The boys went anxiously to school today. Cordi’s sitting on the floor eating crackers. The silence is beautiful.

I’m a little sad that my little guys started the 2nd grade today. It seems like it was only yesterday that they were in NICU or rolling across the floor to get everywhere. There were so many days that seemed to last forever and yet they went so quickly. I feel like I just blinked and they were starting school and now they can read and write and are excited to go learn more. It’s a bit heart breaking. And Cordi is right behind them. She’ll start before I can catch my breath…

Here’s some pics I took today and recently. Don’t forget to click the pics to see the full-sized picture.

 Cordi sleeping in Gary’s lap with Krusher:


Cordi and Bergen sleeping at Mom’s:


The boys ready for school this morning (it was very bright outside):

firstday2007.jpg        firstdayofschool2007.jpg


A few pics August 15, 2007

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Bergen in the pool:


Mom and Hobs:


My brother, Stephen, and Hobs:


Me & Hobs:


Stephen & Me:



The aftermath. August 7, 2007

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Well…here she is.

makeoverfinal1.jpg     makeovercomplete2.jpg     makeovercomplete3.jpg

I hate it. I absolutely hate it. I think it looks like one of those horrific 70s hairstyles. They looked attrocious then and even more so now. I abhor it. No amount of hairbows or clips will make it look any better. And I’m going to be upset with her for a long time (but no, she won’t know – I will not ruin her tiny self esteem over something “every child does”).

And here’s a pic I snapped while she was goofing off that sums up how I feel about the whole, stinky ordeal.



Extreme Makeover: Homely Edition August 6, 2007

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 I have a daughter. A breath-takingly beautiful daughter. She has a simple purity and she’s beyond gorgeous (I know, I’m a bit biased). This is what my daughter looked like this morning (this pic was taken a couple weeks ago but you get the point.)


This morning, I went to the doctor’s office. I left my daughter and the boys with my husband like I have hundreds of times before. This time I came back to something that broke my heart.

makeover1.jpg      makeover2.jpg     makeover3.jpg

I made her an appointment with my stylist’s partner, Anna (Jennifer, my stylist, is booked WAY in advance and just couldn’t do it), tomorrow. I’ll post the follow-up pics then.

To see a few more of the Princess doing her ballet last week in the front yard, click this pic:


And the winner is… July 27, 2007

The draw box:


 The drawing:


 And the winner is:


and the twist winner is:



Vacation Photos July 18, 2007

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Alright – until I can figure out how to post a pic and make it lead to the other site which houses my photo collections a common link is going to have to suffice. To see our limited collection of Colorado Vacation Photos, please click HERE