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The aftermath. August 7, 2007

Filed under: carpola,Family,home,kids,love,nonsense,photos — pinkadillies @ 5:00 pm

Well…here she is.

makeoverfinal1.jpg     makeovercomplete2.jpg     makeovercomplete3.jpg

I hate it. I absolutely hate it. I think it looks like one of those horrific 70s hairstyles. They looked attrocious then and even more so now. I abhor it. No amount of hairbows or clips will make it look any better. And I’m going to be upset with her for a long time (but no, she won’t know – I will not ruin her tiny self esteem over something “every child does”).

And here’s a pic I snapped while she was goofing off that sums up how I feel about the whole, stinky ordeal.



2 Responses to “The aftermath.”

  1. jvanover Says:

    Still very beautiful!

  2. ET Says:

    I can sympathize with you. My son did it to himself and cut it so short we buzzed it all off.

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