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WOOT WOOT WOOT!! July 19, 2007

Filed under: Online Life,shopping — pinkadillies @ 1:04 pm

Thanks to THIS BLOG I found out today is WOOT OFF day!! I loooooooooooove woot offs!

What’s a “woot off?” you ask. Why, only the best, most exciting shopping experience EVER! Woot carries products for unbelievable prices. Usually they have one product a day (changed at midnight CST) with flat rate ($5) shipping. But a woot off is where they offer products – a lot of products – one at a time until they sell out. So you have to refresh a lot but it’s so worth it! Last woot off we got a set of knives that are FAB-U-LOUS! And the time before that we got the boys some watch walkie-talkies that they love. There’s always SOMETHING that I absolutely must have.

 So what am I doing here? I should be wooting!


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