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Vacation Photos July 18, 2007

Filed under: Family,kids,photos,Travel,Vacation — pinkadillies @ 6:32 pm

Alright – until I can figure out how to post a pic and make it lead to the other site which houses my photo collections a common link is going to have to suffice. To see our limited collection of Colorado Vacation Photos, please click HERE


3 Responses to “Vacation Photos”

  1. mommyzabs Says:

    To post a photo without having the link from flicker:
    double click on the flicker picture you want
    then click ‘all sizes’
    choose the size you want
    scroll down to the long code (not the url)
    when you paste that in your post remove the website in between this:
    <a href=”remove this site”
    you can replace it with whatever. I would just have it go right back to your post address, or blog address.

    Hope that works for you. Email me if you have questions 🙂

    Oh and don’t worry about leaving a “controversial comment” on my blog. I don’t mind that, i like debate/ discussion. I can’t say some of the conservative bloggers won’t snap back- I never know. But you are free to leave your opinion. I don’t agree with it 🙂 I don’t agree with being pro-choice (but that is obvious.) But you are welcome to state your opinon on my posts anytime.

  2. pinkadillies Says:

    Thank you so much! And I appreciate your kindness about my posting to you – I was a little nervous to post like that, especially being my first post. So thank you for being so nice about it!

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