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Carpola July 17, 2007

Filed under: carpola — pinkadillies @ 12:13 am

You may have noticed that I added a new category last night. It’s called “carpola.” I know probably several of you have already thought (or are currently thinking) “wow…for a spelling nazi she can’t even spell ‘crapola.'” You’re wrong.

Having been a member of a number of bulletin boards over the past few years (12, actually) I’ve found one of my favorite misspelled words to be “crapola.” I love it when it’s spelled “carpola.” I think it’s hillarious! So now I have this new category. You know what it means – it’s just garbage without another heading. But I bet you’ll grin everytime you read it or if you hear the word “carp” in your daily lives… 😉


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