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I think it’s Bob! June 25, 2007

Filed under: home,kids — pinkadillies @ 11:27 pm

We moved from Snyder 3 years ago. In our backyard in Snyder there lived 2 turtles – a big one and a baby one. I can’t remember what we called the big one – he was only there the first year we lived there – but the baby turtle was named Bob. When it rained he would crawl up onto the back porch and stay there for hours. The boys loved watching him scoot around out there.

A few days ago we were sitting around the house when Peter ran in and said “Mom! There’s a turtle on the porch!” We all went to the door and sure enough! There was a tiny turtle walking around on our front porch.  Peter immediately says “I think it’s Bob! It took him all this time to walk from Snyder!”  🙂



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