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Today’s Dr Appt June 18, 2007

Filed under: medical — pinkadillies @ 9:15 pm


All in all it wasn’t too bad. My iron is still SUPER low but I knew that was going to be the case. So his reaction to that was not great and not happy news. I have to go see my GYN asap and then, if she doesn’t find any cause for it, I’ll have to lower my dose of Cymbalta. I hate that because it really works so well. I’m just going to have to wait to see what happens, I suppose. I’ll call Dr. C (gyn) tomorrow to set up an appt and we’ll go from there.

Everything else stayed the same. One of my meds was taken off the market so I’m off of that now but he didn’t know what was out there to replace it yet so for now I’m on a homeopathic remedy and he’ll call me with the info for the other med when he gets it.

I’d lost 6 pounds! So now only 14 to go 🙂 I’m so glad! I didn’t even realize I’d lost it but I’ve been walking every night with Cordi and trying to do as much as I can without wearing myself out so I guess it’s paying off a little bit. I was thinking of buying that Alli that just came out but if I can lose the rest with walking I’d rather do that – and save the $50 for a new dress for the lighter me!

Nothing else new, really. I will hear back soon about my h&h (iron levels) and post about that then. Until then I’ll be on the same meds and dealing with the same side effects, etc, which are all minor. Just like I thought – nothing I should have been fretting over anyway 😛


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