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What I love to do with my kids (and more) June 8, 2007

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Our circle journal QotD was “What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?”

Here’s the answer I wrote:

I love to play games with the boys and take them to the park. I’ve gotten used to enjoying watching them as much as playing with them. They are so independent now that I love doing ANYTHING with them anymore! With Cordi I really enjoy holding her. We’re at that stage where we’re still able to be friends – and I know the storm is coming (I was a horrific teen) – but she tells me everything. I’m the only one who always knows what she’s saying (she talked REALLY late and still has a lot of pronunciation problems) and love hearing her say “Mommy! Guess what!?!” But my absolute favorite is when she comes to my lap and sits down and relaxes. Her body seems to form to mine in the most natural way so we can both stay completely comfy while she goes to sleep. I love that time. She’s just so beautiful I could stare at her for hours.

But there’s more than that. The question didn’t ask about things I love about my kids – just what I loved doing with them. And doing isn’t always easy for me. So I want to take the time to talk about the things I love about my kids.

Bergen: My firstborn. The first face I saw. He was then and has always been a fighter. Yet, he’s so sensitive. That’s my favorite thing about him – he’s so loving and caring. He’s gentle and kind. He likes to hug and be hugged, to be snuggled and just to hold hands. Every time we take a walk he holds my hand. And he’s not afraid to ask for the hugs and touches he needs. He’s just a beautiful child. I am so blessed.

Peter: My “middle” child. The babe who started off with a bang – having to be rescusitated before I even got to see him. My favorite thing about him is his independence. He’s such a strong boy. He speaks his mind and isn’t afraid of words. I think that’s something for an 8 year old. Peter’s a natural leader. He’s opinionated and well spoken. My little “alpha dog.” He’s just a wonderful child. I am so blessed.

Cordi: My last baby. My only princess. She’s sassy and prissy and ALL girl. My favorite thing about her is that she does things at her own pace. We started out by pushing and she pushed back. The harder we tried to get her to do anything – starting with that first smile – the longer she took to do it. Speaking, walking and now potty training – she WILL NOT do it until she’s ready. And I’ve learned that that’s okay! It’s my job to take the flack from those who think she should be doing this and that on what THEY think her schedule should be – and there’s a lot of those people! – but I know that she’ll get to it. But only when SHE’s ready. She’s just a special child. I am so blessed.

My family is my life. Without the 4 of them I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. The inspire me every day. They show me the beauty of the world around me. They remind me that there’s a future and it’s not far away. I see hope and grace and God in the eyes of my children. And I see love and endurance and pride in the eyes of my groom. I am so blessed.


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